The Apfelbaum Society was established in February 2015. The project is initiated by Dr Clemens Rauhs and his wife M.A. Katharina Rauhs who are the parents of a son with a disability. They were motivated not least by the wish to offer their eldest of four children an independent future.

What / Aim

An independent life requires innovative offers. From this conviction a new kind of infrastructure for independent living is being created right in the middle of the aspiring Viennese Yppenviertel. In addition to inclusive housing the project offer shall range from health services and urban gardening to lifelong learning as well as occupational counselling and job qualification.

How / Realisation

The founding of the Apfelbaum Society was the kick-off for designing the project in the Viennese district of Hernals. In addition to an international bestpractice study, expert talks on the subject of independent living constitute the basis for further planning. In the course of a first concept-workshop in May 2015 selected pioneers and practitioners contributed further valuable input. The project is to be realized within the block revitalization programme (Blocksanierungsprogramm) of the city of Vienna.

Who / Target group

This new kind of approach to life should be enjoyed by everyone – not only persons with disabilities - who would like to live in an open, neighbourly yet at the same time urban setting.

The Apple Tree

The apple tree in its simplicity and at the same time with its diversity stands for this self-understanding.


M.A. Judith Safar, Head of Project Independent Living
T: +43-1-4032626 - 55