What do you want from your real estate agent?

No matter whether you are looking for a rental flat or want to buy a property – we take the time to get to know your wishes in detail and to respond to your personal needs. For us, transparency and openness are the basis of a trusting, professional and successful cooperation.

We work hand in hand with a well-known property developer. This interaction means that we are included in the decision-making process right from the start of a project and are intensively involved in the development process. As real estate agents, we ask the property developer to incorporate and implement our ideas. Because through our many years of experience we are closer to the needs of our customers and also to the latest living trends. This cooperation allows us to bring in our visions of modern and livable living and to achieve them for you.

How can we make every room more livable?

What counts is not the maximum number of square metres, but the well thought-out and space-optimised layout. Today you may need space for a pram, later your home will have to be barrier-free. Refined and generously designed common rooms are just as much a part of each of our projects as open spaces and green spaces. From the family flat with garden to the small old building flat in the hip neighborhood. From the ground floor and basement up to the dream flat over the roofs of the city. To find your new home together with you, that is our highest goal.

This is what modern living looks like!

Living space must always adapt to new life situations. And as diverse as these are, so broadly diversified is our portfolio: from houses from the Gründerzeit to modern new building projects. What they all have in common is that they are located in lively districts with squares and markets as meeting zones. And we are developing more and more exciting projects in the countryside. Because daily life also takes place outside our own four walls.


What can we do for you?

A precondition for a successful placement is on the one hand identification with the project and on the other the ability to objectively examine the facts and market conditions. We stand for quality and professionalism and are also passionate about our work.

Sales Manager

Personal contact with people has been part of Susanne Müller’s professional career since the beginning. After years of experience in the sales department of international companies, fortunately she has now arrived in the real estate industry.

„The search for a property is similar to the search for the right partner: tastes are different and often it can be quite difficult to combine long term requirements and wishes. For me, it is very exciting to accompany and support different people in indivdiual life situations on their way to their dream property. The moment you realise that it is “the one” apartment is very special – combined with butterflies in the stomach and sparkling in the eyes. The Perfect Match. With our broad portfolio, the chances are very high to experience this moment together.“

T: +43 1 402 15 15

Managing Director Marketing

After completing her business studies, Katharina Rauhs gained years of experience in the cosmetics and fashion industry.

“We have great respect for your decision to buy a property and our demands on ourselves are correspondingly high. As modern as my thinking about living is, so traditional is my image of the real estate agent. Honesty, respect and responsibility are the foundation of our successful team. For me personally, visits to the most important trade fairs for interior design are among the most inspiring things. But also my passion for modern architecture and my continuous engagement with contemporary design allow new perspectives for exciting projects to emerge again and again”.

T: +43 1 402 15 15